How Much Do You Know About Your Superannuation?

Compulsory superannuation payments are great. But for you, we want greater

Superannuation – the invisible money that we don’t see as ‘real’ money.

Because it’s waiting for that one day in our distant future, it’s easy to overlook the importance of superannuation. It’s also easy to assume that compulsory superannuation payments are all you need.

But are they? This is where we come in, looking at the pros and cons of all of your superannuation options to make your money work smarter for you. 

Because yes, it may be the case that approaches other than voluntary superannuation will be a better wealth strategy for your future. But without a financial advisor, how do you know this to be true?

Decoding the superannuation minefield

Superannuation is a complex beast. 

It’s made extra challenging by the fact that no single element of your finances should be considered in isolation. We won’t just review your super and make a recommendation – we’ll look at the bigger picture. As your partners in wealth creation, we consider your: 

  • Family circumstances 
  • Lifestyle requirements and desires 
  • Wealth creation plans, and 
  • Personal insurances you have in place to protect your wealth, and other factors. 

We then look at all of this within the context of the external financial environment. Are your superannuation policies still the right fit for you? After all, legislation changes and new rules and regulations mean that what was once the best superannuation fund for you, may not always be the best.  

  • Are you putting enough away to fund the lifestyle that you want in retirement? 
  • What lifestyle changes have occurred that mean your superannuation policies need revisiting? 
  • Are you in a fund based on what your employer has set up for you, not the best for your needs? 
  • Are there new products on the market that you could benefit from or that affect your superannuation and contributions? 
  • Have there been changes to superannuation legislation, or Centrelink changes, that may affect your superannuation and retirement plans

Yes, it’s a complex beast. But it’s nothing that can’t be tamed. 

Put your complete financial team to work – together

We believe heavily in collaboration. Because while we’re experts in our fields, your other advisors are experts in theirs, too, and your entire financial plan needs to be built on a solid foundation.  

This is why we work closely with a team of other finance professionals such as mortgage brokers, estate planners and accountants in the Penrith, Blue Mountains and Castle Hill areas. We can recommend industry specialists, or we’ll happily work with your existing team. 

We’re kind of like The Avengers of the financial world, just with ties, heels and glasses. And much better looking. 

Need help? We’re onto it. Email or call today.