Money Stories episode 1

In my very first episode of The Money Brew, I just want to share a few things on what I want for this podcast. I also share a few things about me so that you can get to know me more and understand my story and where I am coming from. I am looking forward to this and future conversations with you. So, join me as we talk about money over coffee, and sometimes vodka.

We all have a story to tell but what about your money story? Ever wondered why you are the way you are when it comes to the green stuff (FYI that’s money) It could be those beliefs that you’ve grown up around. Acknowledging your story is part of getting better with money and moving forward.


In this episode:

  • Promises I want to make to you for this podcast.
  • Sharing my story, my struggles around money, and how it has shaped me today.



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