Financial Planners With That Secret Ingredient… Personality

Our 20+ years experience and the results we deliver are pretty important, too

We may jest about the personality thing, but one of the reasons our clients get such great results from their financial planning is because they connect with us. Why? Because we get it.

We understand the overwhelm that comes with managing your finances. We’ve experienced the fear that comes with feeling lost. And we know how challenging it can be to want to plan for your future but have no idea where or how to start.

We’re here to change that.

Finance has been a taboo subject for far too long and it shouldn’t be. So let’s start the conversation and see where it takes us. But first –here’s a bit more about us.

Financial freedom means something different to everyone we speak to. For some it’s going on holidays every year, for some it’s helping their kids. Whatever it is, we love going on a journey with our clients and helping discover not only what that means to them, but helping them achieve it

Anthony Sultana


Creo Wealth

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Work with Anthony Sultana – Senior Financial Planner, Creo Wealth. Servicing clients from Penrith, the Blue Mountains and Castle Hill, Anthony delivers tailored wealth creation strategies.


Certified Financial Planner, lover of numbers, and scuba enthusiast who’ll fight you for the last M&M

Anthony’s torrid love affair with numbers began in school. It blossomed when he left, choosing a
career in finance. He began as a paraplanner in 1996 before becoming a Senior Financial Planner with
Clearview Wealth in 1999.

Trained and mentored by some of the best in the business, Anthony knows his stuff. But it’s his ability
to look beyond the numbers that’s made him one of the most favoured financial planners in Sydney’s
West, from Castle Hill through to Penrith and the Blue Mountains. He saw that in such a tightly
regulated industry, too many financial planners became so focused on ticking the boxes they
overlooked the specific personal needs of each client.

So in 2015, he started Creo Wealth with Kylie. The goal? To remove the standard ‘one size fits all’
approach, working closely with each specific client to identify personal goals and strategies. To break
down the overwhelm. And to remove the taboos around money and talk in simplified terms and
concepts that make sense.

It’s this combination of personality; a personal focus and professional planning that’s seen him
become the financial planner of choice for clients spanning generations. Anthony’s ability to
transcend barriers with strong analytics, a transparent approach and clear communications engages
all generations, from Traditionalists (pre-1945) and Baby Boomers through to Gen X and Gen Y.

And on his days off? Anthony loves spending quality time with his wife Kylie and their two sons,
playing soccer with his local club, and embarking on thrill-seeking adventures such as scuba diving,
cycling and the occasional sky dive. He’s driven to play well in everything he does, so don’t try to
wrestle him for that last M&M or you know who’ll win!

Work with Kylie Sultana, Creo Wealth. Financial planners with 20+ years experience, specialising in Superannuation, Investments and Wealth Creation.


Practice Manager, organisational queen, and style aficionado

Kylie is the Yin to Anthony’s Yang.

With a Diploma in Financial Planning, she’s spent over 25 years in the financial services industry, using
her knowledge and skills to successfully weave an adoration of style and travel, alongside business,
into her life.

While Kylie brings experience and knowledge from brands like ANZ, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Merrill
Lynch, she also brings heart and inspiration to Creo Wealth. She’s a wife and mum who understands
the challenges, stresses and strains faced by families, as well as the secret desires we each harbour
for our future – and the future of our children.

As the ultimate multi-tasker, Practice Manager Kylie ensures everything operates smoothly behind the
scenes – including supporting Anthony to keep on top of his neverending to-do list! With young boys,
she believes that the earlier you start planning the better. Start in your 20’s or 30’s and you’ll be streaks

This is possibly why she’s always so ahead in the fashion arena – out of hours she manages the
personal style blog, The Style Vine. You’ll also find her planning their next family holiday, shopping
(with an unequivocal love for bags and shoes), or having a catch up with friends. And of course, she
would never, ever, challenge Anthony for the last M&M.

Or would she?

Up for a chat? Let’s see what’s possible in your future